What others have to say!

Steve Hacker

I used Jay Bozios as my personal trainer for over five years. I’m a physician and am very prone to injuries. Jay not only got me into the best shape of my life, but he was careful, aware and attentive always to any potential injury. He would design exercises on the fly to work around any pain and never once in five years, did he ever cause an injury (like so many trainers can do). He was punctual , never late, and never distracted by others during our training.  Jay never missed one session. If there were ten stars I […]

Kate Littlefield

I have used personal trainers as a way of staying fit and sane for over thirty years.  Some have been good, some have been bad, but no one has ever approached the job with the commitment and professionalism that Jay Bozios brought with him every day of our eight year, six days a week relationship.  I wanted to run, so Jay took up running.  I wanted to compete, so Jay got me ready to compete and then accompanied me to races.  When I got hurt, Jay researched rehabilitation and helped me to recover quickly and safely.  If I only had […]

Yasmin Bhatia

Jay started training me just over 8-years ago and he has been incredibly supportive of my wellness and fitness journey. I would not have made the progress that I have so far without Jay. He has been there on the good days, the bad days and the in-between days when I wasn’t at a 100%. He always pushes and encourages me to do my best and stands by me to get the best effort out of me. I love him for his commitment and of course, the results. I can count on Jay for the 5am wake up texts when […]

Marjorie Tamblyn

I was struggling with my weight; I had not exercised regularly in 6 years and I knew I needed to make a lifestyle change for my health and to live my best life. I was looking for a personal trainer to make a commitment to myself to change my lifestyle once and for all. I met Jay in Sept. 2021 and we discussed my motivation and fitness goals. After meeting with Jay and seeing his positive energy and passion for fitness I knew he was the right training partner for me. I have been training with Jay for 6 months […]

Marian Massie

Jay has been the best personal trainer for me bar none! I have tried other trainers and they hurt me after a session or two. Jay take in to account your goals and where you are physically when you start with him. He worked with me gradually. I knew I was working out but never felt hurt. Now I am stronger than ever, have great stamina and my golf game has improved because my body is stronger. Jay is also a joy to work with. He makes training fun and I actually look forward to our sessions!

Mark Satterfield

It’s hard to stay motivated to work out and get in shape when you try to do it by yourself. Unfortunately, most trainers have one “methodology” they use with everyone-regardless of their age or fitness goals. Jay really listens to me, and has designed a program that pushes me, but never to the point where I’m uncomfortable or in pain. He’s extremely motivational and I look forward to our time together. If you’re considering hiring a personal trainer, Jay’s free introductory session is something you definitely want to take advantage of.