Kate Littlefield

I have used personal trainers as a way of staying fit and sane for over thirty years.  Some have been good, some have been bad, but no one has ever approached the job with the commitment and professionalism that Jay Bozios brought with him every day of our eight year, six days a week relationship.  I wanted to run, so Jay took up running.  I wanted to compete, so Jay got me ready to compete and then accompanied me to races.  When I got hurt, Jay researched rehabilitation and helped me to recover quickly and safely.  If I only had time to workout at 5:00AM, Jay would make that happen.  If I lost my confidence, Jay would find it for me.  If I wanted to quit, he refused to let me.  If I was down on myself, as in, “I will never be able to do pull-ups”, Jay talked me out of it.  All of this with incredible optimism and great big smile.

The promise of personal training is that you have an opportunity to reinvent yourself both physically and emotionally. The secret to reinventing yourself is finding a trainer that is committed to going the distance with you – no matter what.  Jay Bozios is that trainer, and trainers like Jay are one in a million.

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