Yasmin Bhatia

Jay started training me just over 8-years ago and he has been incredibly supportive of my wellness and fitness journey. I would not have made the progress that I have so far without Jay. He has been there on the good days, the bad days and the in-between days when I wasn’t at a 100%. He always pushes and encourages me to do my best and stands by me to get the best effort out of me. I love him for his commitment and of course, the results. I can count on Jay for the 5am wake up texts when he has the slightest doubt that I may sleep in. But, that shows just how much he cares. When I started this journey, I was not fit at all, but I am so pleased with the progress. I am grateful for Jay and for him staying with me on this journey which it truly is and it will be a life-time journey…I feel so much healthier, fitter and better about myself and my body. Just wish I was a little taller so that I didn’t have to stand on my toes! Thank you, Jay – I’m grateful for you!

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